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Experiencing the World Fellowships

The Kellogg Institute offers the opportunity for Notre Dame freshmen and sophomores to engage in initial exploratory projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Middle East. The award funds exceptionally qualified and committed undergraduates who seek to undertake innovative projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. These may include research, non-profit work, or other activities that will increase their commitment to and knowledge of one of the regions. 





Reports from the Field

The Kellogg Institute offers the opportunity for Notre Dame freshmen and sophomores to engage in initial exploratory projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Middle East.

The award funds exceptionally qualified and committed undergraduates who seek to undertake innovative projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. These may include research, non-profit work, or other activities that will increase their commitment to and knowledge of one of the regions. Award recipients may receive up to $5000 to pursue field projects for up to three months in the chosen region.

Students interested in this award must justify their project as something that will substantially deepen and enrich their undergraduate experience and must show that this project is something that is otherwise not possible within existing Notre Dame programs. Student projects might include exploratory research for senior theses, area studies essays, or international scholars research; collaborative research with a professor; research work for a non-profit organization or NGO; or other creative forms of experiential education.

Students selected for the program will begin preparing for their summer experience through a series of orientations with the Institute. Failure to attend orientations in full will result in cancellation of the award.

Research Assistance

Students are strongly encouraged to seek guidance when planning their proposals and preparing to carry out their research. The following are some available options here on campus.

SOC 30952 (IDS 30600) International Research Design, taught by Erin McDonnell

POLS 30807 (IDS 30536) Research Methods for Fieldwork in the Developing World

It is strongly recommended that students attend a grant writing workshop offered by the Flatley Center for Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (CUSE). See http://cuse.nd.edu/ to learn the details.

2019 Deadline: Monday, February 25
Application Process

All applicants should meet with Associate Director Holly Rivers (hrivers@nd.edu) or Program Coordinator Rachel Thiel (rthiel@nd.edu) several weeks before the deadline in order to verify that their proposed project and country site could be supported by the Kellogg Institute.

To apply for a Kellogg Institute ETW Fellowship, please go to http://kellogg.fluidreview.com

2019 Deadline: Monday, February 25

You will be asked to create an account and will need to remember your login and password in order to access your application.

When you log in, you will be asked to submit the following documents:
  • An application form
  • A project proposal (no more than three pages, 12 pt. font, double-spaced). The project description should include details about your proposed work during this time, the length of time you intend to spend on the project (both in country and upon return), and an explanation of how the project fits with your long-term academic goals.
  • Organization description (If you intend to work with a specific organization, please include detailed information about the organization.)
  • Proposed travel itinerary and schedule
  • Detailed budget for anticipated expenses incurred during the fellowship period, including travel, food and lodging, and other expenses. Please include budget justification sheet to explain expenses in detail, including flight itineraries (if you have them), materials, etc.
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member who is committed to oversee the project and has thoroughly read your proposal. Please request letters from your faculty recommenders several weeks ahead of the deadline.  
  • An e-transcript. (See below on how to request an e-transcript)

To request an electronic transcript, complete the following steps.

1. Login to insideND.
2. Click on the “Student Academic” tab.
3. Find the “Student Academic Services” channel.
4. Click the plus sign next to “Transcript.”
5. Click on “Transcript Request Order.”
6. Read the instruction paragraph about requesting an electronic transcript.
7. Under “Transcript Type,” select “Official Electronic Transcript.”
8. For course levels, select “All Levels.”
9. Fill out your email address for “Issue To,” “Recipient Email,” and “Notification Email.”
10. Select the current semester for “In-Progress Cut–Off Term.”
​11. Once you have received the transcript, you will then need to upload it into the Fluid Review system with the rest of your application.


Students interested in this award must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Have taken at least one course at Notre Dame related to the proposed region of the project and/or demonstrate prior interest in the region.
  • Demonstrate adequate language skills to carry out the proposed project.
  • Applications should indicate how the proposed project will deepen the student's exposure to Africa, Asia, Latin America or the Middle East and contribute to the student's long-term plan of study.

All students planning to apply for an Experiencing the World Fellowship should meet with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel to ensure that their proposal idea meets the requirements of the fellowship.

Students selected for the program will begin preparing for their summer experience through a series of orientations with the Institute. Failure to attend orientations in full will result in cancellation of the award.

Upon their return, each recipient will submit a detailed report of approximately 1,000 words which evaluates the challenges and rewards of pursuing the field project and which discusses how the experience informed their understanding of the region. Recipients may be invited to make a public presentation on their field experience and talk to other students interested in applying in the future.

Apply for a Fellowship

For questions about this program, please contact Associate Director Holly Rivers (hrivers@nd.edu/1-6023).

Levels of Support

Funding is available for a variety of project costs, including research materials and assistance, as well as travel. Individual awards will not exceed $5,000, and proposals will be considered for any amount below this figure. Applicants are required to notify the Kellogg Institute of any funding received from another source; in some cases the Program may adjust the amount of its award. Undergraduates are eligible for only one ETW Fellowship.

Questions about the program should be submitted to Associate Director Holly Rivers at 631-6023.
Questions about the status of an application should be submitted to Program Coordinator Rachel Thiel at 631-4846.


The Kellogg Institute for International Studies supports undergraduate research and internships in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States related to the Kellogg research themes of democracy and human development. Students can apply for an Experiencing the World (ETW) FellowshipKellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grant and Summer Entrepreneurial Internship to receive training, funding, and reentry support.

In most cases, applicants for the above programs are expected to work with a host organization, which requires students to make contact with the organization where they would like to intern or do research. Students should work closely with the organization to develop a work plan.

The deadline to apply for an ETW fellowship (freshmen and sophomores), a Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grant (juniors), or a Summer Entrepreneurial Internship has passed. Applicants will be notified of their status by the end of March.

Note: All applicants should meet with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel at least one month in advance of the deadline to ensure that the organization, site, and plan proposed will meet Kellogg guidelines.

Alphabetical list of possible sites

Sites listed below regularly host students during the summer and may be willing to work with students applying for a Kellogg summer program. Note that you are not limited to the organizations below. If a student has been to a site before, their name is listed underneath. If there is no contact available for a site that you are interested in, please make an appointment with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel.

Accion – Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America
2017 – Griffin Over (United States)

Ananias Mission - Pittsburgh

Child Family Health International – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Erin Albertini (Argentina), Kirsten Hanlon (Uganda), Viktoria Teneqexhi (Argentina); 2017 - Claudia Kazmirak (Argentina); 2016 - Katherine Herila (India), Candice Park (India)

Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital - Dominican Republic
2014 - Alexandria Kristensen Cabrera

Ekiways – Guadeloupe
2014 - Andrew Scruggs

Foreign Commercial Service – Argentina
2016 - Justin Cohen; 2015 – Ethan Clendening

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Natalie Krapcho (Uganda), Caroline Nassab (Uganda); 2017 - Stephanie McClintock (Costa Rica), Emma Sheedy (Uganda), Nicole Waddick (Dominican Republic); 2016 – Anne Arnason (Uganda), Susan Morand (Costa Rica), Hannah Mumber (Nicaragua)

Foundation for Sustainable Development – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2017 – Albert Choi (Bolivia), Aya Nagai (Nicaragua); 2016 – Annelise Gill-Wiehl (Uganda) Sonia Urquidi (Bolivia); 2015 – Emily Beaudoin (India), Brooke Justus (Argentina), Cristina McCabe (India), Andrea Ringer (Nicaragua)

Fundación Runa – Ecuador, Peru
2017 - Allison Hidalgo; 2013 - Anna Kottkamp

Global Mamas – Ghana
2016 - Mary Kathryn EilertAnne Richelsen; 2015 – Madison Oeff

Hutong School – China
2013 - Therese GermainCecilia Loughlin

Inclusion Ghana – Ghana
2013 - Olivia Godby

Inter American Press Association – Miami, FL
2015 - Nora Eder, 2014 - Maria Corina Mendoza

Kaya Responsible Travel - Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Patrick Harris (South Africa); 2017 - Dante Domenella (Peru); 2016 - Grace Parker (Ghana)

Kekeli Ghana - Ghana
2017 - Karina Chamorro

NOVAFRICA - Lusophone Africa
2014 - Jean-Pierre Vertil

Partners in Health  - Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Emily Meara (Mexico)

Projects Abroad  - Africa, Asia, Latin America
2017 – Robert Wozniak (Argentina); 2016 – Cindy Do (Vietnam), King Fok (Ghana), Jiale Hu (South Africa)

Section 27 – South Africa
2017 – Lethabo Ntini

Social Entrepreneur Corps - Latin America
2017 – Madeline Coole (Guatemala), Adam Kulam (Guatemala); 2016 - Quinn Brown (Ecuador)

Timmy Global Health – Latin America
2013 - Orrin Belden

United Planet – Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Tanzania
2017 – DeAndre Tomlinson (Ecuador); 2016 - Tommy Emmet (Ghana)

VivePerú – Peru
2016 - Taylor Craft

Women’s Microfinance Initiative, Buyobo – Africa
2013 - Ian White

WorldTeach – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Ryker McIntyre (India), Kathleen Quinn (Morocco), Maria Rossi (Morocco); 2017 – Benjamin Kilano (South Africa), Beth Vander Hoek (Morocco); 2016 - April Feng (South Africa), Annalee Kuse (Morocco), Madeleine Paulsen (Namibia), Sarah Ritten (South Africa); 2015 – Sara Abdel-Rahim (Morocco), Shannon Gaylord (South Africa), Grace Goins (Ecuador)

YWCA Rwanda – Rwanda
2013 - Chris Newton


Forms and Information

Several forms required for your international program are provided below. For detailed information about all program requirements, please consult your program packet.


Mandatory Orientations
Program Checklist - international sites
Program Checklist - domestic sites
Explanation of Required Documents - international sites
Explanation of Required Documents - domestic sites

Travel Insurance
The University of Notre Dame requires that you have insurance through GeoBlue. More information is available at www.geobluestudents.com.
International Workbook
Internship Work Agreement (domestic sites only)

For Students Currently Abroad

Online Orientation
Orientation Worksheet
Region Specific Orientation Questionnaire

Country Preparation
Cultural Difference/Social Change - student websites
Notre Dame students who have traveled to various developing countries including Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Mexico, Thailand, and Uganda have prepared websites about these countries to help you prepare for your trip. Take time to look over this information to help prepare for your travels.

ND-Abroad – Study Abroad & Cultural Shock/Adjustment

Reentry (All reports due August 31)

Forms should be submitted to the Kellogg office using the flash drive students received at orientation.

Tips for Returning Home
Explanation of Follow-up Reports
Internship Evaluation
Internship Site Report
Expense Report

Where do I go from here?

Returning From Abroad

For students returning from study abroad as well as international internships, language study and research experiences

A large number of Notre Dame students travel abroad each year through internships, research and language grants, and study abroad programs.  The Institute seeks to connect ND students to academic opportunities that will allow them to further explore their experiences abroad.  Classes, grants, and conferences are all available to offer students the chance to deepen their understanding of the world and open avenues to graduate school and careers beyond Notre Dame.

ND Academic Opportunities

(See websites for eligibility and application requirements.)

Grants and Fellowships

Fellowships Office
Kellogg/Kroc Research Grants
Gender Studies Research Grants
Honors Program Research Grants
European Research and Travel Grants

Language Grants

Language Development Grants
Asian Summer Language Grants
Portuguese Language Grants
German Language and Literature Summer Language Study Abroad Stipend


Human Development Conference
Student Peace Conference
Undergraduate Scholars Conference

For a more comprehensive list of sites that provide funding for ND students to travel abroad, see

Personal Development
Volunteer Opportunities to share your experience

Kellogg Institute Outreach Program

Share your experiences with local teachers and students

Counseling Center

Writing and Photography Opportunities

Glimpse Magazine
BootsnAll Travel

Marketing Your International Experience

The Career Center

International Resources in South Bend

American Red Cross
Better World Books
Just Goods
Ten Thousand Villages

Post-graduate Opportunities and Fellowships

Fellowships Office


The Career Center

Service Opportunities

Center for Social Concerns


Domestic and International Internships


Experiencing the World Fellowships


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