Rachel Thiel serves as the program manager for undergraduate student programs at the Kellogg Institute, where she plays a pivotal role in overseeing research and experiential learning programs in collaboration with the Associate Director. Thiel is responsible for the advising and day-to-day operations of the Kellogg International Scholars Program and the Experiencing the World Fellowships. Additionally, she works with the Associate Director to orchestrate orientations for all of the Institute’s undergraduate experiential learning programs. This role extends to preparing and leading a group of students to Cusco, Peru during the summer through the new Pre-Experiencing the World Fellowships.

Thiel earned a B.A. in Latin American Studies and Spanish from Saint Mary’s College. Prior to joining the Kellogg Institute in 2015, she worked in hospitality in Córdoba, Argentina and then at the South Bend Community School Corporation in South Bend, IN.