The Kellogg Institute for International Studies supports undergraduate research and internships in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States related to the Kellogg research themes of democracy and human development. Students can apply for an Experiencing the World (ETW) FellowshipKellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grant and Summer Entrepreneurial Internship to receive training, funding, and reentry support.

In most cases, applicants for the above programs are expected to work with a host organization, which requires students to make contact with the organization where they would like to intern or do research. Students should work closely with the organization to develop a work plan.

The deadline to apply for an ETW fellowship (freshmen and sophomores), a Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grant (juniors) or a Summer Entrepreneurial Internship is Monday, March 2, 2020


Note: All applicants should meet with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel at least one month in advance of the deadline to ensure that the organization, site, and plan proposed will meet Kellogg guidelines.

Alphabetical list of possible sites

Sites listed below have hosted students during the summer and may be willing to work with students applying for a Kellogg summer program. Note that you are not limited to the organizations below. If a student has been to a site before, their name is listed underneath. If there is no contact available for a site that you are interested in, please make an appointment with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel.

Accion – Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America
2017 – Griffin Over (United States)

Ananias Mission - Pittsburgh

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – United States
 2019 – Caroline Nassab

Center for Learning and Childhood Development  - Ghana
2019 - Devin Diggs

Child Family Health International – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2019- Mary Freedlund (Argentina); 2018 – Erin Albertini (Argentina), Kirsten Hanlon (Uganda), Viktoria Teneqexhi (Argentina)

CTIC - Senegal

The Dakar Institute - Senegal

Dr. Robert Reid Cabral Children’s Hospital - Dominican Republic

Ekiways – Guadeloupe

ELI Abroad
2019 - Eunseo (Stella) Cho

Foreign Commercial Service – Argentina
2016 - Justin Cohen; 2015 – Ethan Clendening

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2019 - Carolina Moreno (Ecuador), Tatiana Silva (Peru); 2018 – Natalie Krapcho (Uganda), Caroline Nassab (Uganda); 2017 - Stephanie McClintock (Costa Rica), Emma Sheedy (Uganda), Nicole Waddick (Dominican Republic)

Fundación Runa – Ecuador, Peru
2017 - Allison Hidalgo

Global Mamas – Ghana
2018 - Abby Smith; 2016 - Mary Kathryn EilertAnne Richelsen

Grow Academy - Senegal

Inclusion Ghana – Ghana

Inter American Press Association – Miami, FL
2015 - Nora Eder

Kaya Responsible Travel - Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Patrick Harris (South Africa); 2017 - Dante Domenella (Peru)

Kekeli Ghana - Ghana
2017 - Karina Chamorro

New Horizons - Ecuador
2019 - Bridget Hart

Palliative Care Association of Uganda – Uganda                                                                         
2019 – Kathryn Kostolansky

Partners in Health  - Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Emily Meara (Mexico)

Projects Abroad  - Africa, Asia, Latin America
2019 - Katheryn Bellaschi (South Africa), Lena Do (Mexico), Keegan Siebenaler (Nepal); 2017 – Robert Wozniak (Argentina)

Section 27 – South Africa
2017 – Lethabo Ntini

Shepherd's Field Children's Village - China
2019 - Chloe Hemm

Social Entrepreneur Corps - Latin America
2017 – Madeline Coole (Guatemala), Adam Kulam (Guatemala); 2016 - Quinn Brown (Ecuador)

Timmy Global Health – Latin America

United Planet – Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Tanzania
2017 – DeAndre Tomlinson (Ecuador); 2016 - Tommy Emmet (Ghana)

VivePerú – Peru
2018 - Ariana Gomez, 2016 - Taylor Craft

Women’s Microfinance Initiative, Buyobo – Africa
2019 - Noah Cha, Nora Tucker

World Endeavors