The Kellogg Institute for International Studies supports undergraduate research and internships in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States related to the Kellogg research themes of democracy and human development. Students can apply for an Experiencing the World (ETW) FellowshipKellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grant and Summer Entrepreneurial Internship to receive training, funding, and reentry support.

In most cases, applicants for the above programs are expected to work with a host organization, which requires students to make contact with the organization where they would like to intern or do research. Students should work closely with the organization to develop a work plan.

The deadline to apply for an ETW fellowship (first-years and sophomores), a Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grant (juniors) or a Summer Entrepreneurial Internship is Monday, February 28, 2022.
Note: All applicants should meet with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel at least one month in advance of the deadline to ensure that the organization, site, and plan proposed will meet Kellogg guidelines.

Alphabetical list of possible sites

Sites listed below have hosted students in the past few years during the summer and may be willing to work with students applying for a Kellogg summer program. Note that you are not limited to the organizations below. If a student has been to a site before, their name is listed underneath.

Accion – Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America
2017 – Griffin Over (United States)

Center for Hospice Care/Palliative Care Association of Uganda - Uganda

In partnership with the Center for Hospice Care (located in Mishawaka), PCAU provides educational and social support to children in need in Uganda. The Road to Hope program supports children who were caregivers for their dying parents. Building on the work of previous interns, the student will support the Road to Hope program staff in several ways: participation in the annual summer camp for children, capturing and sharing success stories, visiting children at home and school, organizational support for tracking the children. There is also an opportunity to explore research questions related to the magnitude of need, the impact of the social support offered in the program and evaluation of the program model. Interested students should contact Lacey Ahern at
2019 – Kathryn Kostolansky

Center for Learning and Childhood Development  - Ghana
2019 - Devin Diggs

Child Family Health International – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2019- Mary Freedlund (Argentina); 2018 – Erin Albertini (Argentina), Kirsten Hanlon (Uganda), Viktoria Teneqexhi (Argentina)

CFHI is a leading nongovernmental organization placing health science students on global health education programs in ways that are socially responsible and financially just. CFHI programs offer students the unique opportunity to explore global and public health issues broadly, highlighting how health systems around the world deliver healthcare in a variety of diverse environments, exploring cultural interplays in urban and rural areas, and incorporating indigenous healing practices.

ELI Abroad
2019 - Eunseo (Stella) Cho

Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children – Africa, Asia, Latin America
2019 - Carolina Moreno (Ecuador), Tatiana Silva (Peru); 2018 – Natalie Krapcho (Uganda), Caroline Nassab (Uganda); 2017 - Stephanie McClintock (Costa Rica), Emma Sheedy (Uganda), Nicole Waddick (Dominican Republic)

FIMRC is a nonprofit organization committed to providing primary medical care to children in underserved communities worldwide.  In addition to providing medical treatment in our clinics, we strive to promote long-term health in the communities we serve through preventative health education initiatives. As part of these projects, volunteers and local medical staff strive to improve the overall health of communities in Uganda, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. 

FIMRC provides immersive health fellowships for students that include clinical and health education activities for participants. Volunteers assist the on-site medical staff by helping to distribute medications, instruct patients in proper health practices, conduct house calls, assist with the intake of patients by taking vital statistics and preparing their files, and prepare health education sessions for the community.

Fundación Runa – Ecuador, Peru
2017 - Allison Hidalgo

Global Mamas – Ghana
Interested students should meet with Holly Rivers or Rachel Thiel before contacting this organization.
2018 - Abby Smith; 2016 - Mary Kathryn EilertAnne Richelsen

Established by two returned Peace Corps volunteers, this non-profit and fair trade organization seeks to assist Ghanaian women in developing business skills and more effectively market their products. Projects students have completed with this site include new product development, marketing, finance, business/management consulting, graphic design, fair trade education, computer and bookkeeping training.

Inter American Press Association – Miami, FL
2015 - Nora Eder

Kaya Responsible Travel - Africa, Asia, Latin America
2018 – Patrick Harris (South Africa); 2017 - Dante Domenella (Peru)

Kaya Responsible Travel has worked in partnership with the Kellogg Institute for International Studies since 2015 to support Notre Dame students in their mission to promote research, provide educational opportunities, and link with programs promoting democracy and human development through internships and research programs.

Kaya Responsible Travel seeks to promote sustainable social, environmental and economic development, empower communities and cultivate educated, compassionate global citizens through responsible travel by offering volunteer and internship placements on over 150 initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

New Horizons - Ecuador
2019 - Bridget Hart

Social Entrepreneur Corps - Latin America
2017 – Madeline Coole (Guatemala), Adam Kulam (Guatemala); 2016 - Quinn Brown (Ecuador)

Timmy Global Health – Latin America

United Planet – Chile, Ecuador, Ghana, Nepal, Tanzania
2017 – DeAndre Tomlinson (Ecuador); 2016 - Tommy Emmet (Ghana)

United Planet is a non-profit organization with a mission – to create a global community, one relationship at a time. United Planet connect volunteers who want to make a difference with communities in 25 countries, where they learn, teach, work, engage and immerse themselves in a culture outside their comfort zone.

Volunteers or interns have the option to choose from projects in community development, democratization, environmental sustainability, global health, peacebuilding, and children and education.

Women’s Microfinance Initiative, Buyobo – Africa
2019 - Noah Cha, Nora Tucker




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