Kellogg Developing Researchers Program

Interested in Developing Your Research Skills?

Apply for the Kellogg Developing Researchers Program at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies. Attend workshops to develop your research skills and become eligible to be a paid research assistant on short term projects for a Kellogg faculty member. Just want to improve your research skills to develop your own research project? This program is right for you.

Eligibility: 2nd Semester First Years, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors




The Kellogg Developing Researchers Program provides undergraduate students the opportunity to develop their research skills and gain real world experience assisting faculty on short term research projects. Selected students will gain research skills by participating in a variety of quantitative and qualitative workshops and trainings. (A minimum of 3 will be required each semester.) Students will also be placed in a research assistant pool available to be matched with Kellogg Faculty Fellows looking for research assistance on short term projects. This program is designed to cultivate student research skills and knowledge with the goal of preparing students to do research on their own and/or with faculty across campus. Students will also be better prepared to write individual research proposals.

KDR students have received fellowships and awards such as the Critical Language Scholarship through the US Department of State and the Phi Beta Kappa Key into Public Service. See the full list of award recipients.

Deadline for joining program in Spring 2024: Monday, December 4
(Note: First year students may apply for this deadline)



Students will have the following opportunities upon acceptance into the program:

  • Participants will attend a “What is Research” talk led by a Kellogg Faculty Fellow
  • Participants will gain research skills and experience by participating in workshops and trainings across campus (a minimum of 3 will be required)
  • Participants will be placed in a research assistant pool and will be considered for short term research projects of Kellogg faculty as they come in on a rolling basis
  • Participants selected to complete research for faculty will be paid for their research
  • Participants can renew for this program on a semester by semester basis as long as they meet the requirements of the program (as explained in orientation).
  • KDR Leaders are eligible to apply for funding to present at and/or attend a conference. For more details, please click here.



To apply for the Kellogg Developing Researchers Program, applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  • Be in good academic standing
  • Submit all required application documents by the deadline

Students will be required to attend an orientation as well as a talk on “What is Research?,” in addition to participating in at least three (3) trainings or workshops during the semester. 




Students who would like to apply for this program should have an interest in developing their research skills. 

To apply for the Kellogg Developing Researchers Program, please go to the online application page.  You can login to the application system using your Notre Dame credentials. Before sending questions to the program administrators, please open the application and review.

When you log in, you will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • A short essay (1 page, double-spaced, 12pt. font) explaining your interest in the Developing Researchers Program and how your involvement will support your academic goals.
  • An e-transcript - Please be sure to include current courses. (Click here for instructions on requesting an e-transcript.)
    **NOTE: First Year students may submit an "unofficial" transcript as we will make decisions before official transcripts are ready.
  • A résumé  - Please attach a current resume or CV
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member who can speak to the academic strengths, maturity and drive of the applicant.
     Please request the letter from your faculty recommender several weeks ahead of the deadline, and please inform him/her that the email will come from Submittable.
  • Application Questionnaire 
    • Includes:
      • Self-assessment of skills and research knowledge
      • Relevant courses taken
      • Workshops and/or trainings taken

Deadline for joining program in Spring 2024: Monday, December 4
(Note: First year students may apply for this deadline)



In order to renew to be in the program, you need to be in "good standing" and met the minimum requirements of the program the last semester you participated in KDR.

Renewal deadline: Friday, December 8, 2023




KDR leaders may apply for funding up to $1500 to present their research at and/or attend domestic conferences or to present at international conferences. (Please refer to the eligibility requirements for more details.) The conference should have a clear relation to the student’s academic program at Notre Dame.

Students must meet with Rachel Thiel prior to submitting their proposal, and must submit a proposal at least 5 weeks in advance of the conference.

Students may receive up to two conference grants per academic year.

Conference Funding Requirements:

  • A two-page proposal that includes a brief conference description (one paragraph), a web link for the conference, justification for attendance, and an explanation of how the student will utilize his or her time at the conference (the more specific, the better).
  • A budget
  • A statement of support from a professor from one of your classes, sent directly from the professor to Holly Rivers.

Can be submitted with application or after acceptance:

  • Students who are attending but not presenting at a conference will be required to consult with a graduate student which can be found at the bottom of this page, about how to best utilize their time at a conference and submit a one-page document based on that conversation. The document should include the graduate student's name and department. (Note that you are not limited to this group.) Funding will not be released until this document is submitted.

Students may not miss any classes while using funding from the Kellogg Institute.

Students must accept the award in writing no later than three business days after receipt of the award letter and fulfill several requirements once awarded before the Kellogg Institute can process funding. The Kellogg Institute will initiate a check request once students accept the award and turn in the required paperwork. (Note that all paperwork must be completed one week before the conference for funding to remain available to the student.)

Funded students must submit a follow-up article to be posted on the website, describing what they gained from the experience. The Conference Follow-Up Form should be submitted to Rachel Thiel within two weeks of return.

Campus Conferences

Human Development Conference (Spring): This conference hosted by the Ford Family Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity brings together students from Notre Dame as well as other universities in the US and abroad to share their research experiences and perspectives on human development. For more information, visit http://kellogg.nd.edu/hdc

Notre Dame Student Peace Conference (Spring): The Student Peace Conference hosted by the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies is planned by undergraduate students at Notre Dame. It provides students from across the country with a forum to explore issues of peace and social change and to present their research on these topics.https://sites.nd.edu/peacecon/

Off Campus Conferences

The American Anthropological Association’s Annual Meeting

Global Health and Innovation Conference

Global Development Conference

National Collegiate Research Conference (NCRC)

Society for Research in Child Development

United Nations International Conference on Sustainable Development

For Faculty

Faculty Fellows of the Kellogg Institute can request an undergraduate student from this program to serve as a short term paid research assistant. 

If interested, a faculty member should send the following information to Holly Rivers

  • a brief description of their research project 
  • a list of skills the researcher would need to be successful
  • how many estimated hours the student researcher needs to work to complete the project
Meetings - Fall 2023
  • Kellogg Developing Researchers Meeting – Returning Students
    Wednesday, September 6, 6:30 pm / Hesburgh Center, C103
  • Kellogg Developing Researchers Program Orientation - Newly accepted students
    Monday, September 25, 6:30pm  /  Hesburgh Center, C103
  • Kellogg Developing Researchers Meeting
    All returning and new Kellogg Developing Researchers will gather for the first time for a conversation regarding resources available to them. They will also discuss progress and challenges they are facing regarding research training and meet with their team.
    Wednesday, October 25, 6:30pm / B101 Jenkins and Nanovic Halls


What is Research?
Ted Beatty, professor of history and global affairs, will join undergraduate students to talk about “What is Research” and answer questions that they may have regarding their research. Students of the Kellogg Developing Researchers Program are expected to attend and all students are welcome.
Wednesday, October 4, 6:30pm /  Hesburgh Center, C103

What is Research?
Jana Morgan, Kellogg Visiting Fellow and Professor of political science at the University of Tennessee, will join undergraduate students to talk about “What is Research” and answer questions that they may have regarding their research. Students of the Kellogg Developing Researchers Program who did not attend the first session are expected to attend.
Friday, October 27, 3:00pm / Kellogg Conference Room, 1130 Jenkins Nanovic Halls

Research Networking Session
For the first time, the two undergraduate research programs of the Kellogg Institute will come together for a networking session. Students of the Kellogg International Scholars Program and Kellogg Developing Researchers Program have the opportunity to join with Kellogg faculty to learn about their research and discuss the work they're doing on the themes of global development and democracy. Faculty will present their work, and then will be available at the reception to meet and answer questions about research.  
Monday, November 13, 6:30-8pm | McKenna Hall, Rooms 205/206/207


Students of this initiative are required to complete at least three trainings/workshops each semester. Information regarding workshops around campus can be found here.


Submission of Skills Requirement Form (training and workshop information ) 
Deadline for fall 2023: December 8
  •  To fill out the Skills Requirement Form - Click Here
(You can fill the form out in part and save to submit when all training is completed.)