Kellogg Institute

The Kellogg Institute for International Studies is an interdisciplinary community of scholars and students from across the University of Notre Dame and around the world that promotes research, provides educational opportunities, and builds linkages related to two topics critical to our world—democracy and human development.


The Mission

The Kellogg Institute forms an integral part of Notre Dame’s Catholic mission by addressing normative and scholarly concerns that embody the values reflected in Catholic social thought.

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Why are we proud of the Kellogg Institute?

The Kellogg Institute for International Studies brings the best of interdisciplinary inquiry to bear on research themes relevant to contemporary societies around the world, especially democracy and human development.

Drawing faculty fellows from across the University, students, and visiting scholars, the Institute promotes research, provides exceptional educational opportunities for students, and builds linkages to support the University’s strategic goals on internationalization.

looking forward

The Kellogg Institute's Strategic Plan

Engaging key stakeholders and thinking ambitiously about the impact that we might have at Notre Dame and in the world over the next decade and beyond, the Institute developed a new five-year strategic plan in 2016 that aims to redefine where the Institute might make significant contributions, without diluting its core strengths and identity. In the 2017-22 strategic plan, Kellogg maintains the themes of democracy and human development at the center of its work. While building on geographic strengths in Latin America and increasingly in Africa, our primary ambition is to promote research, teaching, and institutional linkages related to democracy and human development more than to specialize in specific parts of the world.

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A History of Excellence

As a part of the University of Notre Dame, the Kellogg Institute has always had a high standard to hold its faculty, staff, and visiting fellows to, dating back over 30 years. Amazingly, the Institute was almost not founded at all, but by the passion and dedication of Rev. Edmund “Ned” Joyce, CSC, the Kellogg Institute dream was made reality.

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