Growing up with three sisters, Megan Kelleher ‘24 has been surrounded by strong, hard-working women all her life. She is passionate about promoting gender equality with a particular focus on the advocacy and protection of women’s rights to education, safety, and hygiene products around the globe. Kelleher traveled to Cape Town, South Africa in the summer of 2019, where she quickly fell in love with the region’s unique people, landscape, and culture. After coming to Notre Dame, she has set her eyes on pursuing a career in international law with interest in gender-based violence and gender-equality work.

For her Experiencing the World Fellowship, Kelleher will be working alongside Cape Town-based human rights lawyer, Kelly Stone, to generate a grant proposal that can fund a workshop teaching women in the local community of Bishop Lavis about protection orders. Kelleher will be in charge of editing the existing grant proposal, as well as adapting the workshop to teach minors; specifically young women in the same community, on how to acquire a protection order and seek assistance for gender-related crimes.