Annelise Gill-Wiehl is a senior studying environmental engineering and international development studies. She has worked with the Keough School of Global Affairs’ Associate Dean for Policy and Practice, Sara Sievers, through the Kellogg International Scholars Program. They investigate how to incorporate the preferential option for the poor into policy. Gill-Wiehl’s own research investigates energy infrastructure and the barriers to technology adoption. Most recently, Gill-Wiehl and Professor Sievers have piloted a Community Technology Program in Shirati, Tanzania through a Kellogg Research Grant.

Since freshman year, Gill-Wiehl has been highly involved with the Kellogg Institute for International Studies. She has interned for the Foundation of Sustainable Development in Masaka, Uganda. Additionally, Gill-Wiehl conducted roughly 200 household energy surveys through an Experiencing the World Fellowship to investigate energy infrastructure in Shirati. Her research interests are at the intersection of engineering and policy in the East African context. She hopes to pursue a PhD to further investigate these issues. 

Thesis Title: Pilot of Community Technology Workers in Shirati, Tanzania

Environmental Engineering
International Development Studies
Current Research

Research Interests
Exploring the issues of policy and scaling development projects

Current Research
Incorporating the preferential option for the poor into practical policy