This profile was current as of 2017, when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

I'm currently working with Professor Hui and researching on state formation and how people form notions of states that do not necessarily align with the actual history. My senior thesis focuses on the modern implications of the research and intends to explain how people who live under authoritarian regimes form nationalism differently from people under democracies.

I received funding from Kellogg to go to China and work with an organization dedicated to bridging law scholars from the US and China together my freshman year summer. On the side of working with the organization, I conducted my own research on the potential of legal reform in Mainland China. My sophomore summer, I received a grant from a summer language abroad program to study Cantonese in Hong Kong. Last summer I conducted research for my senior thesis in the US to survey the overseas Chinese on their nationalism.

Political Science
Thematic Interests

Institution building; state formation

Research Sub-Discipline