This profile was current as of 2019 when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Debora Paul Mulokozi is a research assistant working with Professor Rahul Oka on the institutionalization of poverty and the diversion of food vouchers, cash vouchers and aid-in-kind in refugee camps. Mulokozi also looks at the question of dignity and how it comes into play in these refugee camps as is related to the vouchers received.

On a personal level, Mulokozi conducted preliminary research in Tanzania through an Experiencing the World Fellowship during the summer of 2017 on the history of street-connected children in Tanzania, the society’s perspective of them and the effectiveness of contemporary solutions. She went on to conduct comparative research in Senegal during the summer of 2018 through a Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research grant on the importance of psychological support in the reintegration process of street-connected children that were formerly qur’anic students.

Thesis Title: The Significance of Alternatives to Formal Education in the Reintegration Process of Street Connected Children

Thesis Adviser: Paul Ocobock

French and Francophone Studies
International Development Studies
Current Research

Research Interests
Interested in improving access to education for street connected children and designing effective practices for their reintegration in the society.

Current Research
With Professor Rahul Oka, I am researching the institutionalization of poverty and the misuse of food vouchers and in-kind aid in refugee camps in Kenya.