All are invited to a celebration on April 21-22, 2023 commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies. The event will feature multiple sessions of both academic and non-academic panels addressing central themes in the history and future of the Institute, including a celebration of two decades of the Kellogg International Scholars Program. We especially look forward to celebrating with those who have been part of the Kellogg community from years past and through today!

As we learn of confirmed participants and those planning to attend, we will add them here - keep an eye on this page as the list grows!

Amanda Abner '23
Andrés Mejía Acosta
Ellis Adams
Juan Albarracín 
David Altman
Kevin Angell '20
Nina Balmaceda
Ted Beatty
María Elena Bessignano
Jaimie Bleck
Sandra Botero
Zoltan Buzas
Pam Byrne
Paolo Carozza
Rodrigo Castro
Vladimir Chlouba
Karen Clay
Michael Coppedge
Abby Córdova
German G. Craemer
Adrián de León Arias
Prabu Deepan
Enrique Dussel Peters

Amitava Dutt
Josh Eisenman
Andreas E. Feldmann 
Laura Gamboa
Therese Hanlon
Kjersti Hansen
Carla Heiser
Lakshmi Iyer
Julio Juárez-Gámiz
Tracy Kijewski-Correa
Kwan S. Kim
Marie-Claire Klassen
Lucie Kneip '23
Magdalena Lopez
Juan Pablo Luna
Erin McDonnell
Scott Mainwaring
Vitor Martins Dias
Emmie Mediate '15
Marisel Moreno
Juan Carlos Moreno-Brid
Tom Mustillo

Paul Ocobock
Jacqueline Ogega
Aníbal Pérez-Liñan
Patrizio Piraino
Kelsey Poinsatte-Jones '11
Steve Reifenberg
Amy Reynolds
Holly Rivers
Natalia Ruiz
Sharon Schierling
Jingyao Shan
Maurice Sikenyi
Don Stelluto
Rachel Sweet
Flora Tang '18
Rachel Thiel
Lucía Tiscornia
Guillermo Trejo
Jorge Vargas Cullell
Ari Woodworth
Denise Wright

Planning to come? Let others know by entering your name below.

Friday, April 21

12 to 4pm    ISP Coffee in the Commons – ISP Alumni are invited to share coffee and advice with current International Scholars

2 to 4pm     Welcome Reception & Check-in

4 to 5:30pm    Plenary - Why is Kellogg still relevant at 40?
Scott Mainwaring, Aníbal Pérez-Liñán, Paolo Carozza, Ted Beatty, Sharon Schierling, Tracy Kijewski-Correa, Rachel Sweet

5:30 to 10:30pm   Celebratory Dinner with Entertainment

  • Is the Kellogg Institute related to the cereal company?
  • How many directors have served the Institute in 40 years?
    Join us for a night of fun-filled moments, while testing your knowledge of Kellogg over dinner and music with many long-time friends. Later in the evening, meet new colleagues and students through a variety of special interest group sessions dedicated to connecting scholars with similar research interests.


Saturday, April 22

8:30am to 9am       Mass - Memorial for departed Kellogg Community members

8:30 to 9:30am     Breakfast

9:30 to 11:00am    Session I

  1. A Conversation with Kellogg Alumni: How the PhD Fellowship has Shaped our Scholarship (Juan Albarracin)
    Since the 1980s, the Kellogg Institute has been an influential force in shaping the study of Latin American politics. One key pathway to make an impact on the discipline has been the training of several generations of doctoral students. This round table brings together former graduate students whose research was generously supported by Kellogg, to discuss how their time at the institute transformed them.
  2. Ford Program Panel: Reflections on Human Development Research and Solidarity through an Integral Human Development Framework  (Patrizio Piraino & Maurice Sikenyi)The Ford Program will convene a panel followed by a poster session to display the work conducted by the Ford Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity as part of the celebration of Kellogg Institute’s commitments and contributions to teaching, research and service that advances Integral Human Development and dignity. The Ford Program panel brings together an interdisciplinary team of scholars and an international development scholar-practitioner to discuss trends in human development studies and why the IHD-focused research approach is essential for the future of human development studies, and illustrate the impact of IHD-focused research on scholarship and practice.
  3. ISP panel (Holly Rivers)

11:00am to 11:30am   Break

11:30am to 1:00pm    Session II

  1. Why Violent Democracies in Latin America: Causes and Potential Solutions (Guillermo Trejo & Abby Córdova)
    This panel will convene Kellogg faculty and international scholars to discuss why some Third-Wave democracies in Latin America have experienced major outbreaks of large-scale criminal violence while others remain relatively peaceful and  how violence has undermined the quality of democracy for citizens and their communities.
  2. The Kellogg Institute: Historical Contributions in Economic Development, Democracy, and Human Development (Adrian de Leon Arias)
    In this panel, we identify and keep memories of late KI professors, Fr Ernest Bartell (1932-2020), Jaime Ros (1950-2019), and Dennis Goulet (1932-2007), and explore their contributions, after 30 years, in the field of economic development and studies on development and democracy as related to human development in the early 1990 ́s.
  3. International Development Studies panel (Steve Reifenberg)

1:00 to 2:00pm   Lunch

2:00 to 3:30pm       Session III

  1. Launching of the V-Dem Latin America Regional Center (David Altman)
    The Kellogg Institute provided crucial logistical support to V-Dem to the point that it could be considered one of the project's founding partners. Creating a new V-Dem regional centre focusing on Latin America will help to renew the participation of the Kellogg Institute in this encompassing project.
  2. Global Poverty in a Post-Covid World (Lakshmi Iyer)
    This panel brings together academic and policy experts to discuss how trends toward increasing poverty worldwide can be reversed, whether we need new types of economic policies and interventions in a post-Covid world, and how partnerships between academics, practitioners and policy makers can be structured to achieve the goal of eliminating global poverty.
  3. Africa and the Kellogg Institute: Democracy, Human Development, and Solidarity (Ellis Adams & Jaimie Bleck)
    This panel celebrates the Kellogg Institute’s commitment to and engagement in Africa by bringing together two scholars working on the African continent and two Kellogg faculty fellows, all of whom are conducting current, innovative research in the areas of human development and democracy.

3:030 to 4:00pm      Break

4:00 to 5:30pm        Session IV

  1. Political Regimes in Latin America (Scott Mainwaring)
    The Kellogg Institute made its name mostly through its research on democratization. This panel builds on that legacy with experts presenting their current research on political regimes in Latin America.
  2. Gender, Development, and Faith-Based Organizations (Amy Reynolds)
    This panel will focus on the intersection of religion, development, and gender equality, with particular focus on Christian organizations and opportunities/struggles related to gender mainstreaming efforts.
  3. Looking Ahead 40 Years: Designing Qualitative Research in a Digital Age (Tom Mustillo)
    The transition from the analog to digital age has transformed the ways in which we can study democracy and human development. Social scientific scholarship on how to design research that synthesizes analog era approaches with digital era opportunities has emerged as a vibrant domain of innovation, with notable contributions in quantitative social science. This panel will build upon this work by exploring whether and how qualitative traditions can leverage digital opportunities.

5:30 to 6:30m            Plenary  - The Challenges and Future Landscape of Human Development and Democracy

7:30 to 10:30pm      Kellogg Dinner with Entertainment


International Scholars Program 20 year Reunion 





Join the Kellogg Institute community April 21-23, 2023 as it celebrates its 40th anniversary. The weekend will be filled with panels, social opportunities, special keynotes, and more. See here for more information, including confirmed panels.

As part of the anniversary, the Institute will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its flagship program for undergraduates, the Kellogg International Scholars Program —bringing together alumni, current students, faculty and staff.

We hope as many ISP alumni as possible will come to campus to be a part of the celebration. 

As a lead-up to the celebration, you will have the opportunity to submit memories and experiences from your time in the Program that will then be shared with the larger group. Check back in January for details about how to submit your messages and photos.

See below for a tentative schedule of activities for the weekend specific to the International Scholars Program.

Friday, April 21
12-4pm: Coffee in the Commons – Share coffee and advice with current International Scholars.

Saturday, April 22
Saturday career panel - Join alumni who will talk about where they are now and share how ISP helped get them there.

Social and networking activities – Reunite with your cohort, meet other alums and current Scholars, participate in games, and win prizes!

Sunday, April 23
Brunch at Holly’s


Check this page in January for more details!


Call for Kellogg 40th Anniversary Proposals

Commemorating Our Anniversary
The Kellogg Institute is excited to commemorate our 40th anniversary throughout the calendar year of 2023. A celebration event will be held April 21-22, 2023, and a host of other special events and speakers take place throughout all of 2023. Our purpose is to look back on our past with an eye to the future and to engage existing Kellogg community members as well as new friends and partners of the Institute. 

April 2023 Celebration Event
We invite Notre Dame and Kellogg faculty, students, alumni, current and former visiting fellows, staff, and advisory board members to join the celebratory event on April 21-22, 2023. It will feature multiple sessions of both academic and non-academic panels addressing central themes in the history and future of the Institute, including a celebration of two decades of our International Scholars Program.

Confirmed panel organizers include Ellis Adams, Jaimie Bleck, Abby Córdova, Josh Eisenman, Lakshmi Iyer, Scott Mainwaring, Erin McDonnell, Ann Mische, Paul Ocobock, Holly Rivers, Maurice Sikenyi, and Guillermo Trejo, with topics ranging from building a career trajectory to global economic development, political regimes, and violent democracies.

You are invited to propose other sessions. Think about panels – academic or otherwise – that will convene 3-5 presenters for an hour and a half in the morning or afternoon of April 22. Up to 5 proposals will be accepted for the April event, but additional panels may be considered for other occasions. Proposals are due by January 3, however we will begin reviewing submissions on Monday, December 12.

Graduates of the Latin American Studies Program, International Development Studies minor and Kellogg International Scholars Program will be invited to join a special gathering to see old classmates, faculty and staff. More information will be posted in the spring.

If you have any questions on scholarly content, please direct them to Aníbal Pérez-Liñan at, while logistical questions can be directed to Therese Hanlon at

Other Anniversary Events
You are also invited to nominate speakers for our regular lecture series throughout the year – think about scholars with innovative research agendas who can speak to traditional Kellogg themes. We are also interested in other ideas you may have to celebrate the Kellogg anniversary

Proposing Panels, Nominating Speakers, Sharing Ideas
Please use this form to propose a panel for the April celebration, to nominate a speaker for the lecture series, or to share ideas on how we might commemorate the anniversary in other ways.

More information will be forthcoming about anniversary events, many of which will be live-streamed to bring together our Kellogg community worldwide. We hope you can join us!