A. Nilesh Fernando is a development economist whose research agenda focuses on understanding frictions in labor markets and the agricultural sector in the developing world. His current projects relate to migration, culture, structural change and technology adoption.

He received a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2015 and completed his undergraduate studies at Hampshire College.

Thematic Interests

Development, labor markets, labor economics, applied microeconomics, culture, agriculture and technology adoption, migration

Current Research

Migration, culture, structural change, and technology adoption


Working paper (non-Kellogg)

Fernando, Nilesh, Shawn Cole (Harvard Business School) and Laura Litvine (University College London). “Experiences from Mobile Phone-Based Data Collection: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment"
Fernando, Nilesh. “Social Interactions, Technology Adoption and Information Exchange: Evidence from a Field Experiment"
Fernando, Nilesh and Siddharth Eapen George (Harvard University). “Can Diversity Reduce Implicit Bias? Evidence from the Composition of Umpiring Panels in Cricket Matches"
Fernando, Nilesh, Shawn Cole (Harvard Business School) and Hee Kwon Seo (University of Chicago). “Learning or Herding? Testing Between Theories of Technology Adoption with a Cluster Randomized Experiment"
Fernando, Nilesh, Sara Hernandez (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Reshmaan Hussam (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Natalia Rigol (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). “Contract Farming Among Marginal Farmers: A Randomized  Evaluation of  RUDI Multi-trade Company" 

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