Development Economics Working Group

Development Economics Working Group Meeting: The Effects of Restricting Women’s Labor Force Participation: Evidence from a Migration Ban in Sri Lanka


Nilesh Fernando 
Assistant Professor of Economics
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow

Paul Shaloka
Kellogg Institute Doctoral Student Affiliate, Economics

Ali Lodermeier
Predoctoral Trainee in Economics

Those interested in receiving advance reading materials and attending this in-person meeting of the Development Economics Working Group should contact Taryn Dinkelman, or John Firth.

The Development Economics Working Group supports graduate and faculty research in the economic determinants of human development and how economic policy can be used to promote human development. It promotes dialogue among researchers with different areas of expertise, from a variety of perspectives and subject areas, uch as health, education, infrastructure, governance, and migration. Regular meetings allow participants to workshop research in progress, while occasional seminars bring external researchers to campus to discuss their work and provide feedback on projects of group members.
Cochairs: Taryn Dinkelman and John Firth