Keeping Up With Kellogg - June 2021

Volume 3 | Issue 2

Our students and scholars come to the Kellogg Institute for International Studies because of their shared interest in democracy and human development. When they leave campus, that doesn’t change. Keeping up with Kellogg is a semiannual feature highlighting the work of those connected with the Institute, both past and present. The links below spotlight what some members of the Kellogg community did in the spring of 2021 and more comprehensive lists of community news can be found via the links in each section.

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Paul Friesen, Benjamin Garcia-Holgado, and Andrea Peña-Vasquez talk about the
challenges of working on their dissertation as the world shuts down.                                         
‘We Were Panicking’: Grad Students Forced to Make Tough Decisions During COVID

Three Kellogg-affiliated doctoral students, all comparative political scientists and all working far from home when the pandemic hit, spoke about how COVID has affected their lives and their work in the past 14 months. Read More