Keeping Up With Kellogg - December 2020

Volume 3 | Issue 1

Our students and scholars come to the Kellogg Institute for International Studies because of their shared interest in democracy and human development. When they leave campus, that doesn’t change.  Keeping Up With Kellogg is a semiannual feature highlighting the work of those connected with the Institute, both past and present. Read more about our ongoing research below. 

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Denisa Jashari is an assistant professor of Latin American history at the
University of North Carolina at Greensboro and was a fall 2020 visiting fellow.
'Kellogg Delivers': Fall Visiting Fellow Reflects on Semester at Notre Dame

My transition to the University of Notre Dame in August 2020 was among the easiest moves I have made. A short car ride from Bloomington, where I had just received my PhD in history at Indiana University, and an incredibly thoughtful orientation by Kellogg Institute staff meant that I could literally hit the ground running. My fellowship at Kellogg, though one semester in length, has been an invaluable resource that has helped me make progress on my research. I relished the tranquility of the Hesburgh Center, where I could spend hours examining hard-to-find manuscripts held at the Hesburgh Library. Read More...