Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow Susan D. Blum is Professor of Anthropology at the University of Notre Dame. Blum's research investigates the following questions: What does the world look and feel like to people, and what are the factors that shaped those views? In pursuit of this question, Blum has looked at the assumptions people in a variety of settings—especially China and the United States—make about how the world is and how it should be, and how they evaluate other people’s behavior. She has been a Kellogg Institute faculty fellow since 2004.

Blum's recent work (“I Love Learning; I Hate School”: An Anthropology of College, Cornell U Press) compares formal education and learning outside schools as they participate in the creation of self, well-being, and meaning.

Thematic Interests

Cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, ethnicity and nationalism, multilingualism, deception and truth, childhood and education, plagiarism, food and culture, and social theory.



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Other Accomplishments & Recognitions
  • Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study Distinguished Fellowship, “Wellbeing, Suffering, and Schooling” (Fall 2017)
  • University of Notre Dame Faculty Research Program Initiation Grant, “Assessing Authentic Nonformal Learning in Project-, Problem-, and Place-Based Internships,” Principal Investigator (2017–18) 
  • National Science Foundation, “The Bowman Creek Educational Ecosystem: Reconceptualizing STEM Innovation, Teaching, and Learning,” Senior Co-Investigator (2016–18) 
  • William J. Shaw Center for Children and Families, University of Notre Dame, Faculty Affiliate (2016–present) 
  • Journal of Academic Integrity Editorial Board (2015–present) 
  • American Educational Research Journal Editorial Board (2015–present)