Learning In and Out of School: Education across the Globe

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Education—schooled or otherwise—is a major factor in the life of the young around the globe. This Kellogg Institute conference addressed some of the extraordinary variety in the ways humans learn, in and out of school, and sometimes in spite of school, in the contemporary world. The conference expanded ongoing work on two normally unexamined assumptions: that human development requires schooling and that schooling will lead to improved human conditions.

Organized by Kellogg Faculty Fellow Susan Blum, the May 2012 conference brought together scholars and practitioners who focus on societies around the world.  They looked at the issues of schooling—or not schooling—from a variety of interdisciplinary perspectives. The resulting publication contributes to broadening the conversation about the nature of learning and its relationship to formal, institutionalized schools.


Proceedings: Learning In and Out of School: Education across the Globe”