Luis is a PhD Candidate in Political Science (International Relations). His research focuses on the interaction of domestic and international politics in Latin America and has been published in scholarly journals such as Democratization, Foreign Policy Analysis, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Latin American Research Review, and Latin American Politics and Society, among others. In his dissertation, Luis shows how “victory made the state, and the state made victory” in Latin America, revisiting the bellicist theory of state formation through a multi-method analysis of 19th century wars throughout the region. Luis also engages Spanish and Portuguese academic audiences and writes about current topics in popular outlets including most notably The Washington Post.

Thematic Interests

I am interested in how the international security environment shaped the prospects of state formation and democratization, primarily in Latin America.

Current Research

State Formation in Latin America and Foreign Policy in Latin America. In my dissertation I study the effect of 19th century wars on the state capacity of Latin American states in our days.