lIaria Schnyder von Wartensee ​is the Ford Family Research Assistant Professor at the Kellogg Institute. Her principal research interest is international development and migration with a particular interest in dignity and human development. She helps to implement the Ford Program’s human development projects, drawing on her expertise in qualitative methods, practice, and ethnography in Africa, Europe and Latin America.  She also worked collaboratively with the Wellbeing at Work Program, which explores wellbeing in caring professions, with a focus in humanitarian aid workers.

Currently, she is working in collaboration with Notre Dame colleagues to study integration of migrants in Italy and the role of the Catholic Church. In particular, she is studying the integration of 500 refugees through the Humanitarian Corridor Project in Italy.  She has undertaken a major evaluation of the Ford Program's community development work in Nnindye, Uganda, and is also studying and assessing educational projects in Uganda. In addition, she has undertaken a qualitative ​study about entrepreneurship and mentoring ​to complement the work of several Notre Dame economists ​in a semi-urban area in Nairobi, Kenya​. 

Schnyder has previously conducted research in Brazil, Ecuador, and Burundi and coauthored Alla radice dello sviluppo: l'importanza del fattore umano [At the Root of Development: The Importance of the Human Factor] (Guerini & Associati/ Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà, 2012). A native of Switzerland, she holds a PhD in international law and economics from Bocconi University in Milan and an MSc in anthropology and development from the London School of Economics.


"Humanitarian Corridor Initiative"
“Education and Dignity” – Uganda
“Nnindye: Local Empowerment for Rural Development” – Uganda
Thematic Interests

Human development, integral human development, dignity, quality of education, poverty, migration, wellbeing, qualitative research

Current Research

Quality of education in Uganda
Migration, Humanitarian Corridor Project

Book Chapters

Schnyder von Wartensee, Ilaria. “‘The Heart to Continue’: A Case Study on Mentorship in Peri-Urban Kenya,” in Paolo Carozza, ed., Human Dignity and Human Development (University of Notre Dame Press, forthcoming)


Journal Articles

Working paper (non-Kellogg)

Schnyder von Wartensee, Ilaria, G. Berloffa and G. Folloni. “Development and Economic Growth: The Effectiveness of Traditional Policies." No 909, Working Papers from Department of Economics, University of Trento, Italia, 2009.


Schnyder von Wartensee, Ilaria, M. Bales and D. Brown. “Collaborative Research Design and Evaluation of a Human-Centered Ugandan Education Intervention.” Baseline Report of 2015 Pilot Study, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2016.
Schnyder von Wartensee, Ilaria and J. C. Guzman. “Evaluation of the Permanent Centre for Education (PCE)’s Teachers Training Programme in Uganda.” Final Report, Initiative for Global Development and Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2015.
Schnyder von Wartensee , Ilaria. “The Ford Family Program in Nnyndye (Uganda): Qualitative analysis.” Final Report, Kellogg Institute for International Studies, University of Notre Dame, 2014.
Schnyder von Wartensee, Ilaria, G. Berloffa and G. Folloni. “Intervention pour l'amélioration de la qualité de vie et de la capacité de développement des ménages vulnérables, à travers l'amélioration du système d'éducation primaire (Provinces de Kayanza et de Ngozi, Burundi, Projet AVSI-UE).” Rapport d’évaluation finale, Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà, 2011.
Schnyder von Wartensee, Ilaria and G. Berloffa. “Dinámicas de cambio y los factores que las han favorecido: el caso del Proyecto socio educativo “Educación para todos,” in “Investigaciones evaluativas sobre el programa AEDI, Quito.” Informe de investigaciòn, AVSI Ecuador/Fondazione per la Sussidiarietà, 2010.

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