Ford Seminar

Adapting Research in Times of COVID I (HYBRID)

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Adapting Research in Times of COVID
Panelists: Danice Guzmán, Ilaria Schnyder von Wartensee, and Laura Miller-Graff
Moderator: Clemens Sedmak

In the face of COVID-19, many of the university’s field-based research projects were forced to adapt quickly due to shut-downs and travel restrictions. Our research projects have undergone many changes since March. In some instances, the intervention itself has changed, while for others we were forced to adjust the mode of data collection. We will present several cases of adapted research, in Peru, Italy and Haiti, and addressing changes to the interventions, the research design, data collection and implications for our findings.

The Ford Program Research Seminar Series meets monthly, providing faculty members doing research supported by or related to the Ford Program's mission the chance to share their work, whether in early, middle or late stages of development. It is an opportunity for colleagues to come together in a friendly atmosphere to offer constructive feedback and perhaps come away with some new ideas for our own human development/human dignity-related research. The Seminar hopes to build intellectual community around the Ford Program's mission of conducting research that promises to deepen our understanding of human dignity and enhance the effectiveness of efforts to promote integral human development. 

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