The profile below was current as of 2021 when he was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Patrick McCabe is a senior majoring in political science and Arabic and minoring in peace studies. He is a research assistant with Professor Jaimie Bleck, contributing to projects studying education and citizenship in Kenya and methods of preventing electoral violence in Ghana. In 2019, Patrick conducted independent research funded by ISP studying the extent to which Morocco has implemented progressive migration policies. While in Morocco, he interviewed young people migrating from West Africa, civil society leaders, academics, journalists, and government officials. ISP later supported him in presenting his findings at peacebuilding and public policy conferences.

Patrick is now continuing the research project on Moroccan engagement with West Africa for his senior thesis. In 2018, he spent 10 weeks in Jerusalem and the West Bank through Notre Dame's International Summer Service Learning Program, interning with American Near East Refugee Aid and volunteering at the Alrowwad Cultural and Arts Society in the Aida Refugee Camp. During his junior year, Patrick studied abroad in Santiago, Chile and later in Amman, Jordan as part of the U.S. Government's Boren Scholarship. In 2020, he received the Truman Scholarship for public service and plans to pursue a career in diplomacy and public policy focused on global migration and displacement.

Arabic Studies
Political Science
Peace Studies
Current Research

Research Interests
My research interests are primarily centered around the Middle East and Africa. The research that I have assisted in focuses on youth involvement in democracy and governance in West Africa. I have also assisted with and conducted independent research on migration from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe with an emphasis on migration policy in North Africa.

Current Research
I am currently assisting with research on sub-Saharan migration to Europe. The emphasis of this research is on information flows between people who migrate and those back home in their countries of origin. My own research also considers the impact of regularization processes in Morocco on the conditions that migrants face and their decisions to remain in Morocco.

Other Accomplishments & Recognitions
  • 2020 - Truman Scholar; supports juniors, interested in Graduate School, who have evidenced their ability and passion to be a “Change Agent” – namely through efficacious leadership, commitment to public service, and notable academic achievement