Patrick McCabe is a research assistant for Professor Jaimie Bleck focusing on elections in Sub-Saharan Africa, democratic development and forced migration. McCabe is currently assisting with an assessment of the Catholic Relief Services Youth Ambassadors program implemented in Ghana to promote peace during the 2016 general elections. McCabe will also assist in research on African migration to Europe, a field that he is deeply interested in after spending a year living in Rabat, Morocco while volunteering with an organization for West African migrants.

Arabic Studies
Political Science
Peace Studies
Current Research

Research Interests
My research interests are primarily centered around the Middle East and Africa. The research that I have assisted in focuses on youth involvement in democracy and governance in West Africa. I have also assisted with and conducted independent research on migration from sub-Saharan Africa to Europe with an emphasis on migration policy in North Africa.

Current Research
I am currently assisting with research on sub-Saharan migration to Europe. The emphasis of this research is on information flows between people who migrate and those back home in their countries of origin. My own research also considers the impact of regularization processes in Morocco on the conditions that migrants face and their decisions to remain in Morocco.