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Kwan S. KimKwan S. Kim

Emeritus Professor of Economics
(PhD, University of Minnesota, 1967)
220 Hesburgh Center

Geographic focus: East Asia, Latin America, Sub-Saharan Africa

Thematic interests: Comparative development paradigms; global poverty gap; issues on trade and finance for emerging markets.

Current research: Global crisis and consequences for poverty; continuing with the project on the political economy of East Asian development, with a focus on Chinese environmental issues and the new geopolitical role of China; comparative reform policies in Mexico, China, India, and Korea (with A. DeLeon and J. Raman).

Selected publications:

  • Co-editor, Lewisian Turning Point in the Chinese Economy, (with Ryoshin Minami and Fumio Makino) (Palgrave Macmillan, 2014)

  • “Growth, Environment, and Politics: The Case of China” (with Renping Hao and Andrew Champeau), in China and the World Economy, proceedings of the University of Washington Research Center for International Economics (2012)

  • “Possibilities and Challenges for Financial Integration in East Asia," EconoQuantum 2, 1 (2005)

  • “Globalization and Labor: Issues of Income Polarization," Journal of Global Awareness 4, 1 (2003)

  • “Market Liberalization and the Problem of Governance in S. Korea,” Huang ed. The Political Economy of Transition in E. Asia (2001)

  • The Political Economy of Income Inequality (coedited, 2000)

  • Growth, Distribution and Political Change: Asia and the Wider World (coedited, 1999)

  • Economic Cooperation and Integration: Asian Experience (coedited, 1997)

  • El Ecuador en el Mercado Mundial (coauthored, 1997)

  • "Income Distribution and Poverty: An Interregional Comparison," World Development 25, 11 (1997)

  • Acquiring, Adapting and Developing Technologies: Lessons from the Japanese Experience (coedited, 1995)

  • The State, Markets and Development (coedited, 1994)

  • Estrategias de Desarrollo para el Futuro de México (1989)

  • Debt and Development in Latin America (coedited, 1985)

  • “Structure of Foreign Trade and Income Distribution in Mexico,” Development Economics (1984)

  • Política Industrial y Desarrollo en Corea del Sur (1985)

  • Korean Agricultural Research: The Integration of Research and Extension (coauthored, 1982)

  • Papers on the Political Economy of Tanzania (coedited, 1979)

  • “Sluggish International Capital Movements and Economic Growth,” Canadian Journal of Economics (1971)

Working Papers:

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