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Dan GroodyRev. Daniel G. Groody, CSC

Associate Professor of Theology
Director of Immigration Initiatives, Institute for Latino Studies
(PhD, Theological Union, 2000)
250 McKenna Hall

Geographic focus: Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe

Thematic interests: Migration, Refugees, Human Trafficking, Theology, Spirituality, and Globalization

Selected publications:

  • Coeditor, The Preferential Option for the Poor beyond Theology (with Rev. Gustavo Gutiérrez, OP) (University of Notre Dame Press, 2013). Awarded the second-place prize in the social teaching category by the Catholic Press Association (2014)

  • “‘We are Dying Here:’ An Eyewitness Account of the Syrian Refugee Crisis,” America (26 November 2012)

  • Editor, Gustavo Gutiérrez: Spiritual Writings (Orbis Books, 2011)

  • Gustavo Gutiérrez: Spiritual Writings (Orbis Books, 2011)
    First Place Book Award, Spirituality (softcover), 2012 Catholic Press Association Awards

  • The Option for the Poor in Christian Theology (University of Notre Dame Press, 2008)

  • A Promised Land, A Perilous Journey: Theological Perspectives on Migration (coedited, University of Notre Dame Press, 2007)

  • Globalization, Spirituality and Justice: Navigating the Path to Peace (Orbis Books, 2007)

  • Border of Death, Valley of Life: An Immigrant Journey of Heart and Spirit (Rowman and Littlefield Press, 2002)

Selected Films:

  • One Border, One Body: Immigration and the Eucharist, Executive Producer (Groody River Films, 2008)

  • Strangers No Longer, Executive Producer and Project Director (Groody River Films, 2006)

  • Dying to Live: A Migrant’s Journey, Executive Producer and Project Director (Groody River Films, 2005)

Selected videos:




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