“The Option for the Poor Beyond Theology: An Interdisciplinary Reader” - completion of manuscript

Faculty Research Grant
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Almost ten years ago Rev. Groody coordinated an International Conference here at Notre Dame entitled, “The Option for the Poor in Christian Theology.” As scholars gathered from around the world, the conference initiated a series of working groups, research projects, publications and video productions that would network both a senior generation of scholars who pioneered new work in this area as well as a group of younger scholars from around the world who are doing work in this field. Though this idea emerged from the field of theology, the notion of the Preferential Option for the Poor is too important and too significant to be confined within the limits of any particular discipline. While much has been written from a theological perspective on this issue, much less has been published on how this theological notion has influenced scholars from other disciplines. To this end, this grant will help to finish the last part of an edited book called, The Option for the Poor Beyond Theology: An Interdisciplinary Reader.