Claudia Cabello-Hutt is associate professor of Spanish and director of Graduate Studies at the University of North Carolina Greensboro. Her research focuses on modern Latin America with emphasis on intellectual history, transnational/transatlantic networks of writers and intellectuals, gender studies, and queer theory.

Cabello-Hutt's book Artesana de sí misma: Gabriela Mistral, una intelectual en cuerpo y palabra (Purdue UP, 2018) re-evaluates the place of Mistral in the literary and intellectual history of Latin America. Moving beyond her amply discussed poetry, the book demonstrates that Mistral's successful transnational networking along with her self-representation through her essays and visual performance played a fundamental role in her positioning as a Latin American female intellectual. Cabello-Hutt's current book project, Queer Networks: Latin American and Spanish Writers, Artists and Patrons in the First Half of the XXth Century, maps a network of queer Latin American and Spanish women artists, writers, and patrons who lived away from their countries, traveled, and challenged heterosexual norms of family, sexuality, reproduction, and economic dependency.

Cabello-Hutt holds a BA in literature and linguistics from the Catholic University of Chile and a PhD in Spanish and Latin American literature from Rutgers University.