Un Contexto Adverso para la Paz: Estigmatización contra Líderes Sociales y Firmantes de Paz en Colombia


Research Findings

Presented by Dejusticia and the Kellogg Institute's Notre Dame Eliminating Violence Against Women (EVAW) Policy and Practice Research Lab, this event showcases EVAW findings on citizen attitudes toward lethal violence against insurgent ex-combatants and social movements leaders after the 2016 peace agreement in Colombia. Abby Córdova and Isabel Güiza-Gómez highlight main takeaways from a two-panel survey they fielded in the country between November and December 2023. The event is being live-streamed on June 14th, 4:00 pm (Bogotá time, or 5:00 pm  EST) from the Dejusticia offices in Bogotá, Colómbia, where it convenes state officials, scholars, social movements, and representatives from the Constitutional Court, who are tasked with addressing stigmatization against social mobilization and protecting social movements invested in peacebuilding.