Fidelis A. Olokunboro, a Catholic priest from Nigeria, is a Ph.D. candidate in theology at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana. He had his masters at Fordham University, New York in Religion and Religious Education. Fidelis conducts research in Political and Liberation Theologies (Latin America and Africa), Global Catholicism and African Religions, Social Ethics; Critical Race Theory; and Christian Personalism, Poverty Studies, and Catholic Social Teachings. He is a guest columnist with a Nigerian Newspaper, Blueprint, and recently published a book chapter, “African Folk Christianity: A Case of Reformed African Traditional Religion with Creedal Ambiguity or a Valid African Christianity?” (2019).


PhD Year
Thematic Interests

With the inseparability of religion and politics among Nigerians and Africans at large, it has become imperative to figure out the right Theo-Political thinking that can give answers to the yearning and agitation of the Nigerian/African people, promote interreligious dialogue, sustain democratic principles and equitable share of the commonwealth. The overall intention of my research interests is to be able to teach and influence future political leaders, policy makers, religious leaders with Theo-political ideas that will engender sincere religious dialogue, tribal co-existence, political stability, and holistic human development.