2022 Graduate School Commencement

The Kellogg Institute congratulates their doctoral student affiliates who have earned PhDs in the closing academic year 2021-22. Their ranks include scholars from various fields, as well as both Kellogg Dissertation Year Fellows and PhD Fellows:

Esteban Jose Alfaro Salas (Nicoya, Costa Rica), Kellogg Dissertation Year Fellow
“Making Portuguese Colonial Governance: Slavery, Forced Labor, and Racial Ideology in the Interior from Benguela, 1760 –1860”
Dissertation Directors: Kellogg Faculty Fellows Mariana P. Candido and Paul Ocobock 

Sevda Arslan (Cologne, Germany)
“The Alevi Path through a Center: Transnational and Transgenerational Community in Berlin”
Dissertation Director: Kellogg Faculty Fellow Maurizio Albahari 

Alejandro Castrillón (Miami, Florida), Kellogg Dissertation Year Fellow
Political Science 
“Simón Bolívar and the Search for Modern Republican Foundations”
Dissertation Director: Michael P. Zuckert 

Omar Christian Coronel Cuadros (Lima, Peru)
Political Science 
“Violent Protest in Weak Democracies: Conflict Prevention Agencies and Civil Society Organizations in Peru" 
Dissertation Director: Kellogg Faculty Fellow Guillermo Trejo 

Liam Boswell de los Reyes (Silverton, Oregon)
“By Nature Common: Foundations for a Natural Law Theory of the Convention of Property”
Dissertation Director: Jean Porter

Aram Derdzyan (Yerevan, Armenia), Kellogg PhD Fellow
“Energy Markets and Consumer Behavior”
Dissertation Director: Christine Baumeister 

Jelena Jankovic Rankovic (Belgrade, Serbia)
“Nonlinearity and Convergent Modalities of Human Migration: A Biocultural Study of Quotidian Imperatives among Refugees in Transitional Settlements”
Dissertation Directors: Lee T. Gettler and Kellogg Faculty Fellow Rahul Oka 

Astghik Mkhitaryan (Yerevan, Armenia), Kellogg PhD Fellow
“Essays on Sovereign Debt”
Dissertation Director: Kellogg Faculty Fellow Joseph P. Kaboski 

Fidelis A. Olokunboro (Oba-ile, Nigeria) 
“AfroCathonomnics: Challenging the African Poverty Context with the Chrisitan/Maritainian Personalism and the Theology of Preferential Option for the Poor”
Dissertation Directors: Peter J. Casarella and Kellogg Faculty Fellow Rev. Paulinus I. Odozor 

Andrea Carolina Peña Vasquez (Port Saint Lucie, Florida)
Political Science 
“Between the Patrón and the Padrón: How Municipalities Shape Access to Legal Status in Spain”
Dissertation Directors: Kellogg Faculty Fellows Jaimie Bleck and A. James McAdams 

Ana Krasimirova Petrova (Varna, Bulgaria), Kellogg PhD Fellow
Political Science 
“The Party as a Promise: Political Parties’ Organizational Strength in Latin America”
Dissertation Director: Kellogg Faculty Fellow Michael J. Coppedge 

Maryam Rokhideh (Mission Viejo, California)
Peace Studies and Anthropology 
“The Political Economy of Insecurity: Livelihoods, Mobilities, and Social Networks of Women Traders on the Congo-Rwanda Border”
Dissertation Director: Catherine E. Bolten

Ilana M. Rothkopf (Boston, Massachusetts)
Political Science 
“Constituting Peace: Foreign Actors, Constitution-Making, and Armed Conflict”
Dissertation Director: Kellogg Faculty Fellow Emilia Justyna Powell 

Ruth Nelly Solarte González (Bogotá, Colombia)
“La escena del crimen: violencia contra la mujer, paisajes tanatológicos y una nueva crítica de la misoginia”
Dissertation Director: Kellogg Faculty Fellow MarÍa Rosa Olivera-Williams 

Leonor Marietta Taiano Campoverde (Coutiches, France)
“Alabanzas sopechosas: Máscaras imperiales y posturas novohispanas en la corte de Gaspar de la Cerda”
Dissertation Director: Ben A. Heller 

Tyler James Thomas (Sagamore Hills, Ohio)
Political Science
“Reason Reborn: Descartes, Philosophy, and the General Good of Men”
Dissertation Director: Susan D. Collins