Victoria Tin-bor Hui is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. Hui’s research examines the centrality of war in the formation and transformation of “China” in history. She focuses on comparative history of Asia and Europe, state formation and state-society relations, contentious politics and resistance movements, transformation of world politics, political culture, Asian and Confucian values, and Chinese politics.

As a native of Hong Kong, Hui also analyzes Hong Kong politics. She testified at Congress, has maintained a blog “The Umbrella Movement and Beyond,” and has published an article “Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement: The Protest and Beyond” in the Journal of Democracy.

Thematic Interests

Comparative history of Asia and Europe; transformation of world politics; emerging world order in the post-Cold War era; international security; state formation; state-society relations; contentious politics and resistance movements; political culture; Asian and Confucian values; Chinese politics



Journal Articles

Hui, Victoria Tin-bor. “Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement: The Protest and Beyond,” Journal of Democracy 26, 2 (2015) 
“Introduction,” roundtable on Yuan-kang Wang’s Harmony and War, H-Diplo/ISSF Roundtable Reviews 4, 3 (2012)
“Efforts to Construct a ‘Chinese School of IR’ Must Take Chinese History Seriously,” World Economics and Politics 9 (2010)
“War, State Formation, and Citizenship Rights,” World Economics and Politics 9 (2008)

Book Chapters

"Problematizing Sovereignty" in Michael C Davis ed. International Intervention in the Post-Cold War World (Sharpe, 2003)