Juan Vitulli is Associate Professor of Iberian and Latin-American Literature and Culture at the University of Notre Dame. His research interests include early modern Hispanic literature and culture; Baroque poetry; Baroque sermons; and the cultural intersections between the Baroque and the Creole. Currently, Vitulli is working in a new project titled The Baroque Hispanic Preacher,  which is a study on books on preaching written during the XVII century in Spain and its colonies—including Peru, Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines.

Thematic Interests

Baroque culture; literatures and ideologies; transatlantic studies; national identities; canon formation; the notion of “Criollo” as a floating signifier in Latin America

Current Research

Baroque culture in the Hispanic world (Spain and Latin America) and its social/political/ideological implications; Baroque poetry and sermons; cultural intersections of the Baroque and the Creole; “The Baroque Hispanic Preacher” project focusing on 17th-century books on preaching from Spain and its colonies, including Peru, Mexico, Colombia and the Philippines.

Research Sub-Discipline

Upcoming Deadlines

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