Fall 2022 Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellows

The fall cohort of scholars in the Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellows program has arrived on campus this week, in time for the kick-off of the Institute's 40th anniversary year. There are several Latin Americanists among the group that includes political scientists, a sociologist, and an historian. One scholar is returning for a second fellowship, having previously been a Kellogg visiting fellow in the spring of 1999.

The new visiting fellows are:

  • Katherine Bersch (Academic Year 2022-23)
    “Who Governs? Effective Public Organizations in Latin America”
    Nancy Akers and J. Mason Wallace Assistant Professor of Political Science, Davidson College
  • Vladimir Chlouba (Academic Year 2022-23)
    “Early Statehood and Support for Democracy”
    PhD, Department of Political Science, The Ohio State University
  • Malu A. C. Gatto (Fall 2022)
    “Out with the Old, in with the New? Anti-system Sentiments and the Political Representation of Marginalized Groups”
    Assistant Professor of Latin American Politics, Institute of the Americas, University College London (UCL)
  • Margarita López Maya (Fall 2022)
    “Preserving Studies of Popular Protest in Venezuela”
    Emeritus Professor-Researcher, Center for Development Studies, Universidad Central de Venezuela (CENDES-UCV)
    President, Latin American Studies Association (LASA)
    Former Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow (Spring 1999)
  • Vitor Martins Dias (Academic Year 2022-23)
    “Navigating Turbulent Waters: Flooding, Housing, and Accessing Justice in Brazil’s Urban Amazon”
    PhD, Department of Sociology, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Danielle Terrazas Williams (Academic Year 2022-23)
    “Imagining Catholic Empires: Slavery, Freedom, and the Jesuits in Colonial Mexico”
    Lecturer of History, University of Leeds 

Additionally, four guest scholars and two research visitors will be part of the fall on-campus community at Kellogg. They are:

  • Victor Araújo, Guest Scholar (September - October 2022)
    “The Politics of Cash Transfers"
    University of Zuric

  • Gordon Friedrichs, Guest Scholar (September 2022 - February 2023)
    “Domestic Polarization and International Reputation of American Democracy"
    University of Freiburg

  • Natalie Rauscher, Guest Scholar (August - October 2022)
    “American Foundations and Philanthropy in the 21st Century:  Actors, Motifs, Global Activities"
    University of Heidelberg

  • Nelson Rojas de Carvalho, Guest Scholar (Fall 2022)
    “The Politics of Local Government:  Democracy, Pluralism, and Human Rights in Brazilian Municipalities"
    Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

  • Patrick Peltz, Research Visitor (Fall 2022)
    “State of Emergency and Autocratization"
    University of Hamburg

  • Bruno Martins Pessoa, Research Visitor (September 2022 - February 2023)
    “The Impeachment of Chief Executives:  The Mayor's Term Interruption in the State of São Paulo (1993-2012)
    Universidade do São Paulo

Please join us in welcoming these scholars to the University of Notre Dame, the Keough School of Global Affairs, the Kellogg Institute, and the Hesburgh Center for International Studies.