The Kellogg Institute's Feb. 12 flash panel on the crisis in Venezuela is making international news! Gustavo Sierra, an Argentine journalist - and the father of Faculty Fellow Jazmin Sierra (political science) - was in attendance and wrote an article about the event for Infobae, a news website.

The article outlined key statements from each of the flash panel's participants, Faculty Fellows Michael Coppedge (political science) and Aníbal Pérez-Liñán (political science and global affairs), Visiting Fellow Verónica Zubillaga and Doctoral Student Affiliate Bernardo Pulido Marquez (law). It also quoted the panel's moderator, Visiting Fellow Claudio Orrego, stating that the current crisis in Venezuela is "the deepest social, political and economic crisis the region has faced in decades."  While the panelists acknowledged the large uncertainty regarding the future of Venezuela, they agreed "that it is impossible to reach a democratic transition while Maduro remains in power."