Kellogg Visiting Fellow Javier Pérez Sandoval Is a departmental lecturer in Latin American Studies at the University of Oxford. He studies the theories as well as the quantitative and qualitative methods used to shed light on the changing regime dynamics of Latin America. He has particular expertise in the historical origins of subnational democracy across Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

Switching gears from the causes of subnational democracy, his Kellogg project – “Subnational Drivers of Regime Change: How Subnational Regimes Influence National Democratization and Autocratization Dynamics” – will look at the consequences, locating subnational democracy as a key factor impacting national democratic transitions and democratic breakdown.

Pérez Sandoval’s research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Democratization, Agenda Política, and Perfiles Latinomaericanos, and he has authored opinion pieces for The Washington Post, Presidential Power Blog, and the Oxford Politics Blog

He holds a DPhil and MPhil in politics from the University of Oxford.


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