Special Event

Muddling Through

Javier Pérez Sandoval

This session's chair: Javier Pérez Sandoval

We are excited to extend a warm invitation to our upcoming, Lindblom-inspired event, "Muddling Through." This unique gathering aims to provide a platform for faculty, visiting scholars, research associates, and graduate students to come together in a casual and informal setting to address the challenges they encounter in their respective research journeys.

Research, regardless of its stage, often comes with its share of hurdles and roadblocks. "Muddling Through" offers a safe and welcoming space for individuals to openly discuss and seek solutions to these challenges. Whether you're grappling with coding complexities, navigating intricate theoretical concepts, or looking for advice on improving your writing, this event is designed to support you and increase your likelihood of gaining clarity or insights.

“Muddling Through” offers a chance to openly acknowledge and address the challenges we face in our work, at the same time that it advances our academic pursuits, humanizes the research process, and contributes to strengthening our supportive research community.

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Javier Pérez Sandoval

Kellogg Visiting Fellow Javier Pérez Sandoval Is a departmental lecturer in Latin American Studies at the University of Oxford. He studies the theories as well as the quantitative and qualitative methods used to shed light on the changing regime dynamics of Latin America. He has particular expertise in the historical origins of subnational democracy across Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico...
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