Former Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow Javier Pérez Sandoval (fall 2023)

Former Kellogg Institute Visiting Fellow Javier Pérez Sandoval (fall 2023) has been awarded the 2023 Frank Cass Prize for best article by a young scholar. The prize was awarded for his paper "Measuring and assessing subnational electoral democracy: a new dataset for the Americas and India," published in the journal Democratization.

The Cass Prize is awarded annually by the journal for articles that most enhance our knowledge and understanding of democratization and includes a cash award. Nominations for consideration for the award are made by the journal editors and the judges are drawn from its Editorial Board and International Advisory Panel. 

The awarding committee stated that "the academic quality of this article is high, as evidenced by its methodological rigour, employment of a well-established theoretical framework, and the extensive data collection spanning several countries and decades."

Pérez Sandoval is a British Academy postdoctoral fellow and a research fellow at Keble College, University of Oxford. He studies the theories as well as the quantitative and qualitative methods used to shed light on the changing regime dynamics of Latin America. He has particular expertise in the historical origins of subnational democracy across Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico.

He holds a DPhil and MPhil in politics from the University of Oxford.

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