I am a fifth year PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Notre Dame, a Doctoral Student Affiliate of the Kellogg Institute for International Studies, and a Graduate Fellow of the Notre Dame International Security Center. I am a Comparativist studying religion and politics. My dissertation project focuses on exploring historical explanations for the use of religious rhetoric by right-wing populist parties in Central Europe.

I have a Masters in Law and Diplomacy from the Fletcher School in 2016 at Tufts University and I received my BA in Medieval Studies and History from the University of Chicago in 2008. Prior to Notre Dame, I worked as Director of Communications for a Chicago city councilman and on campaigns in the Chicagoland area.

Thematic Interests

My work focuses on civic engagement between transnational religious traditions and states -- with a regional focus on Europe. I focus on how minority religious organizations and communities engage with their local governments to have their religious needs met and to acquire state resources. I am especially interested in sub-national variation of integration of these minority religious communities in Europe.

Current Research

I am interested in the role religious identity can play as a strategic tool of political parties, and the role religious identity plays in determining individual-level political behavior.


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