This bio was current as of 2020 when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

Elizabeth (Beth) Steiner has worked on many projects under the direction of Professor Jaimie Bleck. Steiner helped with the data collection for and the editing process of Professor Bleck’s most recent book, Electoral Politics in Africa Since 1990: Continuity in Change.  She also aided in drafting the midline report for Professor Bleck’s project studying small-scale governance and uniform distribution in Malawi for Catholic Relief Services. She is currently developing a website for one of Professor Bleck’s projects focusing on Malian music and artistic expression.

Steiner also participated in the Center for Social Concern’s International Summer Service Learning Program in Gulu, Uganda, where she lived with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and worked in a rural maternity clinic. She also spent the summer of 2019 working with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) as an intern in the Office of Sudan and South Sudan Programs within the agency’s Bureau for Africa.

Political Science
Pre-Health Studies
Current Research

Research Interests
I am interested in researching African politics, refugee resettlement, refugee healthcare, and forced migration.

Current Research
I am currently researching elections and democracy in Sub-Saharan Africa.