Democratization Theory Research Cluster Workshop


For more information about this workshop of the Kellogg Research Cluster on Democratization Theory, contact Benjamin Garcia Holgado at

09:00    Samuel Valenzuela
09:30    Gary Goertz, “Three Schools of Conceptualization and Measurement: Philosophy, Latent Variable, and Economics”
10:00    Discussion with Andreas Schedler
10:30    Coffee break
10:45    Diana Kapiszewski, “The Inclusionary Turn in Latin America”
11:15    Dianne Pinderhughes, “The 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Legislation: Racial Dynamics in the American Context”
11:45    Discussion with Victoria Paniagua
12:15    Break
14:30    Benjamín García Holgado, “Cleaving Political Coalitions: Radicalization of Preferences and the Collapse of Authoritarian Regimes”
15:00    Jeremy Graham and Laurie Nathan, "The Effect of Regional Norms or How Coups End"
15:30    Discussion with Dan Slater
16:00    Coffee break
16:15    Michael Coppedge, “International Influences on Democratization”
16:45    Discussion with Luis Schenoni
17:00    Final comments: Diana Kapiszewski, Dan Slater

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