Charles Leavitt is an associate professor of Italian who specializes in modern and contemporary Italian literature and cinema, post-war Italian history, and the intersections between the Italian and African-American experience.

He is co-editor of the Italianist film issue and a visiting research fellow of the University of Reading. Leavitt is currently completing a monograph on Italian neorealism and has contributed to several books. His work has also appeared in leading scholarly publications including Modern Language Notes, Italian Culture, the Journal of Modern Italian Studies, California Italian Studies, Tre Corone, and the Italianist.

A fellow of the United Kingdom’s Higher Education Academy, Leavitt has received an Outstanding Contribution to Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Reading and a Kaneb Distinguished Graduate Teaching Award from the University of Notre Dame.

Leavitt earned an MA and PhD from Notre Dame.


ISP Advisee:
Mustafa Hess

KDR Assistant:
Jack Theobald