Thirty Years of Democracy in Brazil: A Research Workshop


In spring 2015, Brazil celebrates the 30th anniversary of its most recent transition to democracy. Since its return to democratic rule after 21 years of dictatorship, the country has made remarkable progress towards consolidating its democratic institutions and promoting human development and social inclusion.

This workshop will celebrate the advances made in Brazil—and discuss current challenges to further progress—by gathering together members of an emerging network of young Brazilian scholars studying in the US to reflect and debate with one another and with seven leading experts on Brazil.

Key questions for discussion include:

  • How well do the country’s political institutions represent citizens?
  • To what extent do Brazil’s party system and Congress ensure governability?
  • Do corruption and clientelism currently undermine democratic representation?
  • How effective are Brazil’s social policies, and what are their limitations?
  • What challenges lie ahead for Brazil? 


Building on the Kellogg Institute’s long tradition of committed scholarship on topics of Brazilian democracy, the workshop will be an opportunity to enhance intellectual connections with Brazilian institutions and academics, including the next generation of researchers.

Speakers / Related People