Bridget Taylor examines themes related to agriculture and the effects of globalized industrial food production with Professor Susanne Wengle in the political science department. Most recently, Taylor is analyzing production and yield quantities in the dairy, fruit, vegetable, and meat sectors in post-Soviet countries. She assists in the project by collecting data and gathering information for case studies. In the past, Taylor has worked on investigating political and social factors that lead to the rise of obesity in Brazil, Russia, and Mexico as well as exploring sustainability measures in the dairy industries of the United States and Germany. She accomplished analysis of this through literature review and compilation of summaries. Taylor enjoys the opportunity to engage in the way the cultivation, distribution, and consumption of food shapes society.

Electrical Engineering
Current Research

Research Interests
My research interests include how corporate, governmental, and societal influences shape food systems across the globe. I examine consumption patterns, federal policies and incentives, marketing approaches, and labor requirements to analyze these influences.

Current Research
I am exploring the governmental policies and trade relationships that inform agricultural production and yield trends in Post-Soviet countries. There is a focus on the participation of the European Union and the Russian Federation in providing support to the developing agriculture sectors.


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