On leave: Academic Year 2023-24

Susanne Wengle is Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Notre Dame. Wengle's main research interests concern the politics of markets regulations; her past research examines how particular regulations function and how they evolve, what “politics” make them possible, and also how their effects change the political conditions in which they were formulated. The empirical focus of Wengle's current project is agriculture and food production in Russia and the US, which aims to understand how regulatory regimes shape food systems. She has been a Kellogg Institute faculty fellow since 2016.


ISP Advisee:
Molly Griffith

Thematic Interests

Politics of markets regulations, comparative and international political economy, post-Soviet transitions, food and agricultural systems; comparative politics

Current Research

Agriculture and food production in Russia and the US, with aim of understanding how regulatory regimes shape food systems

Research Sub-Discipline