Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow Debra Javeline Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellows Debra Javeline and Susanne Wengle are two of 16 co-authors of a paper on Russia and climate change published with WIREs Climate Change Review. "Russia in a Changing Climate" is an open access article that reviews current literature on the subject as part of the Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews.

Javeline is the lead co-author of the literature review, which asserts that regardless of who rules in the Kremlin, climate change will shape Russia’s future. As the world's largest country, Russia will also shape the future of climate change. It is warming faster than Earth as a whole, is ill-prepared to manage climate change impacts, and is isolating itself from the international community and its work to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Part of the paper’s conclusion states, “The fates of Russia's hydrocarbon-dependent economy, centralized political system, and climate-impacted population are intertwined. Research is needed on this evolving interrelationship….”

The Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews publish review articles that are invited, written, and peer-reviewed by experts to connect interdisciplinary and complementary fields. Eight article categories cater to different levels of readership with 11 unique publications offering encyclopedic coverage of diverse scientific fields, including WIREs Climate Change Review.

Javeline is associate professor of political science who holds a PhD from Harvard University. She divides her time between the study of Russia and the study of global environmental problems, especially climate change.

Wengle is associate professor of political science and concurrent faculty at the Keough School for Global Affairs. She holds a PhD from University of California Berkeley, and her main research centers on the politics of markets regulations and various aspects of the post-Soviet transformations.