Teaching & Learning

Ford Program research and engagement efforts generate rich teaching and learning opportunities for Notre Dame’s faculty and students. The field research experience, data collected, and research findings directly contribute to classroom learning at Notre Dame. Faculty members are able to present case studies or the results of their research for discussion while students can develop research experiences into capstone or honor’s theses.

Minor in International Development Studies

The Ford Program founded the Kellogg Institute’s Minor in International Development Studies to train the next generation of passionate leaders in the fight against global poverty. Providing undergraduate students with the opportunity to learn about and contribute to international development discourse and practice, the minor has rapidly become one of the most popular at Notre Dame, with students from all five colleges enrolled.

Human Development Conference

Hosted by the Ford Program since 2008, the Human Development Conference (HDC) is an annual, student-led conference held at Notre Dame that brings together students from across the country and around the world to present independent research related to issues of international development. Each year, the conference explores a central theme to in development studies chosen by the student organizing committee.


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