Victoria Erdel García is currently completing her honors sociology senior thesis on the social media marketing practices of an anti-trafficking social enterprise that operates primarily in Asia and North America. With her research, Erdel García hopes to better understand how those on the frontlines in the anti-trafficking field craft narratives of their work and intend to influence their audiences’ understanding of the issue. Prior to completing her thesis under the guidance of sociology Professor Terence McDonnell, Erdel García worked under History and Africana studies Professor Mariana Candido on her research related to historical slavery in Angola during the Portuguese empire.

To complete her thesis research, Erdel García received a Kellogg/Kroc Undergraduate Research Grant and a grant from the Roberts Endowment for Research in East Asia for the summer of 2018. The previous summer, she received her first grant from the Roberts Endowment to intern at the anti-trafficking organization where she later returned to conduct her thesis research. She has also received Kellogg ISP Conference Grants to attend the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Conference in Toledo, Ohio, the UN Youth Assembly in New York City, and a grant from the Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts to present at the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing. In the fall semester of her senior year, she was invited by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth to participate in two panels on youth advocacy and her anti-trafficking work and research at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Thesis Title: The Production and Publication Processes of Social Media Content at an Anti-Trafficking Social Enterprise

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Current Research

Research Interests
Human trafficking, media, East Asian and Latin American studies

Current Research
I am analyzing 19th and 20th century Angolan court documents to uncover how cases of human trafficking are conveyed in legal terms.


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