Rose Busingye is the founder of Meeting Point International, a Ugandan NGO serving people from the slums of Kampala affected by HIV/AIDS. Convinced that meeting the physical needs of the community members alone is insufficient for holistic healing, she emphasizes the recognition of each sufferer’s human dignity.

Busingye began her medical career after experiencing the horrors of war in North Uganda, where people died from lack of basic medical care. After training as a nurse and midwife in Kampala, she spent two years in Italy studying infectious diseases, heart surgery, and maternity care.

Returning to Uganda in 1992, she created an organization where women and children facing rejection because of HIV/AIDS could find love and value. In 2002, with the help of the Association of Volunteers in International Service (AVSI), she founded Meeting Point International. Through clinical care and cultural, community-building, and income-generating activities, the organization now supports over 2,000 people with HIV/AIDS and a wider community of 2,500 orphans and other community members affected by disease, poverty, and war.