Rocío is a doctoral student in the Department of Theology at the University of Notre Dame. Her area of concentration is World Religions and World Church and her minor is Systematic Theology. She received her master’s degree in The Religious Roots of Europe from the University of Helsinki, Finland. Previously, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in theology from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Chile.

Rocio's research focuses on interfaith dialogue, especially between Christians and Muslims. She also concentrates on Latin American theology, in particular the fields of liberation and indigenous theology. Within these fields, her research explores coexistence and dialogue among people of different religious traditions across Latin America.

PhD Year
Thematic Interests

My primary interest is interfaith dialogue, especially among Christians and Muslims in Latin America. I also explore the interreligious dialogue with indigenous communities, which are significant in Latin America. I honestly believe that interfaith dialogue can contribute to the development of better citizens and more peaceful societies. Religions are still a good source of meaning for many people in the world. For that reason, invite members of different religions to the dialogue can help to decrease stereotypes and generalizations and with this, to create more harmonious and democratic relationships among us.