Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow Edwin Michael is Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. Michael is an epidemiologist who studies the spread and control of important tropical infectious diseases.

The overriding objective of Michael’s research is to address the next generation of critical questions regarding the population ecology, epidemiology, and control of neglected tropical and vector-borne diseases, including lymphatic filariasis and malaria.

A common theme running across these research programs is a primary focus on the development and implementation of novel analytical approaches for providing a deeper understanding of the determinants, pathways and dynamics of disease transmission in endemic communities and using the insights gained for identifying and analyzing sustainable approaches to disease control. 

Current Research
  • Developing a multidisciplinary systems approach to better understand tropical infectious disease population dynamics and to serve as a tool for the rational design and management of large-scale community based intervention programs, ranging from vector control to chemotherapy to vaccinations; use of big data platforms to facilitate decision making under conditions of biocomplexity, uncertainty, and local socio-ecologies.
  • Developing convergent web- and mobile-phone-based management information systems as tools for capturing spatially distributed intervention and health outcomes data in order to assess program effectiveness, support adaptive policy analysis, and empower local health decision making.
  • Exploring and applying social enterprise models based on frugal innovations in science, informatics, management, and sustainable business templates, as powerful new complementary solutions for overcoming entrenched health problems in resource-poor settings.

Journal Articles