“Socio-economic Transition and its Impact on the Diabetes Epidemic in India”

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Our research seeks to address the triple burden question in global health, by specifically focusing on socioeconomic, behavioral and nutritional disparities as it relates to the growing DM health burden in India. Diabetes mellitus (DM), a chronic condition leading to micro and macro vascular complications, is an emerging disease severely impacted by this rapid transitional period. With a stronger understanding of the social aspects underlying DM in India, we will ultimately be able to project how widening disparities in the social structure will impact the Diabetes mellitus (DM) epidemic. In this present study, we seek to address this question by studying the following three speciEic objectives:

1. The impact of nutritional transition on diabetes patients among various socioeconomic classes.

2. The health-seeking behavior of diabetes patients in relation to socioeconomic status (SES) in the treatment of diabetes.

3. The identifiable levels of healthcare access available to diabetes patients in different socioeconomic strata.