This profile was current as of 2017, when she was part of the on-campus Kellogg community.

I am currently working with Dr. Jaimie Bleck on research centered on women’s political engagement beyond suffrage (namely representation in government, confidence levels in discussing politics, interest in politics, and trust in democracies vs. one party systems), as well as the relationship between education and empowerment. My thesis will look at various theories of punishment relating to normative responses to sexual violence.

I received the Harry S. Truman Scholarship this year, which is a national scholarship awarding $30,000 towards graduate school for students committed to public service. I plan to pursue the Truman-Albright Fellowship at a governmental agency in Washington DC after graduation. At Notre Dame, I am also in the Sorin Scholars honors program and Senior Policy Advisor on the Executive Cabinet of Student Government.

Thematic Interests

Distributive justice; Autonomy; Political philosophy

Research Sub-Discipline
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Other Accomplishments & Recognitions
  • 2017 - Rhodes Scholar; provides full financial support for a degree or degrees at the University of Oxford
  • 2016 - Truman Scholar; supports juniors, interested in Graduate School, who have evidenced their ability and passion to be a “Change Agent” – namely through efficacious leadership, commitment to public service, and notable academic achievement