International Students and COVID-19 (VIRTUAL)


While American coverage of COVID-19 has largely been US-centric, we know the pandemic's effects have been profound across the globe. Join the Kellogg Institute for a look at the impact of the virus on the people of Africa, Asia, and Latin America through the eyes of their citizens. A panel of international students will share their experiences and observations on their home countries, discussing the influence of the virus there, as well what lessons from the current crisis can be gleaned about human dignity and solidarity.

Moderator: Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC
Assistant Provost for Internationalization
Associate Professor of Political Science
Kellogg Institute Faculty Fellow

Camila Antelo Iriarte ’22 (Bolivia)
Oneile Gorata Baitlotli ’21 (Botswana)
"Elaine" Yanlin Chen ‘21 (China)
Maria Paul Rangel ’21 (Venezuela)

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Speakers / Related People
María Luisa Paúl Rangel ‘21

María Luisa Paúl Rangel is a native of Caracas, Venezuela. Living under Venezuela’s current political, economic, and social crisis propelled Paúl Rangel’s interest in democratization and foreign policy, and inspired her to understand the mechanisms of her country’s democratic erosion...
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Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC

Rev. Robert Dowd, CSC, '87, President-Elect at the University of Notre Dame, is an Africanist whose research interests include religion, development, and political culture. He was previously the founding director of the Kellogg Institute's Ford Program in Human Development Studies and Solidarity and is currently a principal investigator for the Ford project "Religion, Church, and the Integration of Migrants in Europe...
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